Alice Ivy: Cementing her place on the radar as one of the country’s finest new producers

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Alice Ivy: Cementing her place on the radar as one of the country’s finest new producers

Melbourne-based beat-maker and hip-hop performer Alice Ivy (AKA Annika Schmarsel) will soon be embarking on a national tour to promote her debut album I’m Dreaming, which drops on February 9. The 24-year old will be hitting all capital cities as well as Bendigo, before playing the Panama Festival in Tasmania, the SXSW Festival in Austin Texas, and the Hills Are Alive Festival in Victoria.
The release (which was entirely self-produced and engineered by Ivy) signals a busy and exciting start to the year for the talented songwriter,and it’s clear the excitement and nerves aren’t lost on the up-and-comer.
“It’s so exciting to finally release a body of work and a lot of my time, blood and sweat has gone into this album, so I’m really excited for it to come out,” she says. “Of course I’m super nervous about it because it’s my first big release and it’s always nerve-racking releasing something new. As an up-and-coming producer it’s like ‘Oh man! Am I living in a bubble? Are people actually going to like it?’”
‘Like it’ is an understatement. Her debut single from the album ‘Chasing Stars’ features ARIA award winning artist Bertie Blackman and is rich with heartfelt emotion and layered meaning. With various collaborations filtered through I’m Dreaming, there are a wealth of artists lining up to work with the next big thing, creating a humbling experience for the young vibe bringer.
“To be honest, all of the artists I worked with made it a humbling experience. The last song to be put onto the album was ‘Chasing Stars’ with Bertie Blackman, which I just released a couple of days ago and to be honest, Bertie Blackman has always been one of those artists that I grew up listening to,” she reflects. “Writing the song I was like ‘Oh man, I’d love to reach out to Bertie for it’ and then she agreed to it and we had a day in the studio together – that was pretty special.”
Fresh off a belting set at Falls Festival, Alice Ivy is looking forward to hitting the road again to play shows around the country and overseas. Having played the Canadian Music Week last year, playing live and the touring experience is one that she relishes.
“Touring is my favourite thing to do. I can’t stop touring. I love it, I love travelling, I love experiencing new places and experiencing new things,” she smiles.
One of the most endearing aspects to Alice Ivy and experiencing her live set is her unrelenting individual unique sound. What that sound is, is up for interpretation. “If I had to specify it to a certain genre, I’d say Soul-Electronic but that doesn’t exactly specify it and it’s still pretty broad.”
This interpretation reflects Ivy’s approach to her song writing with an open mind, which is something that has helped her grow into one of the most promising acts in Australia.
“I feel like as I’m continuously growing, I’m being influenced by different kinds of music and it changes the way I approach song writing. I feel like it’s fucking awesome to be able to do that. I’m a solo artist, I can do whatever I want and I don’t have to ask for permission from anyone and write a certain way, I can actually just do it.”
Release: I’m Dreaming available for listening on February 9
When & Where: Howler, Melbourne – February 24, The Hills Are Alive Festival, Gippsland – March 23 – 25 & Star Bar, Bendigo – March 29
Written by Daniel Jubb