Ali Barter on Girlie Bits, Beyond The Valley and A LOT of Coffee

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Ali Barter on Girlie Bits, Beyond The Valley and A LOT of Coffee

If there’s one guilty pleasure we can’t help but have, it’s singing along to classic ‘girl power’ anthems. Think Aretha Franklin’s ‘Respect’ and Beyoncé’s ‘Run The World’. Admit it… we know you do it too.

One song that has us particularly enthused and standing up on our desks is from Melbourne-based songstress Ali Barter.

There’s no doubt you’ve heard her fresh track ‘Girlie Bits’ – the pop, punk tune that highlights the expectations and perceptions of femininity in the music industry. Bringing women to the fore-front of music, Barter’s lyrics take control of the sexist phrases overheard in the music industry, which she confesses were inspired by real comments encountered over her career.

“They have [been said] and by more than one male. But it’s not meant to be a dig or a man hating thing, it’s just, we’re all at a stage in the world where we just want to be understood, especially professional women – we just want a bit of empathy.

“That line thrown in there [“you don’t understand what it’s like to be a man”], you know, it pissed me off when I said it – we’re all trying to be understood. It came to my head as I was writing the song. I was in a bit of an angry mood… but it’s a pretty acceptable song, it’s just meant to be inclusive, to get a conversation started.”

The fiery artist is graced with infectious energy and is non-stop in terms of performing and creating music. Just recently supporting City Calm Down and The Jezabels on both of their national tours, Barter is now preparing to play a range of gigs and festivals for the rest of the year, including the triple J unearthed 10 Year Anniversary, The Lost Lands Festival in Werribee and Fairgrounds Festival in NSW, while also recording the last of her songs for her new album which will be released next year.

When asked where she finds the energy to do it all, Barter claims caffeine as her saviour: “I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself when it all stops. Sometimes I get a bit knackered so luckily I work in a cafe so I am always well caffeinated and keep myself hyped up,” she says.
“I’m actually on four cups of coffee a day, which is really concerning.”

Proving she is a girl on fire, Barter has also scored a slot at the New Years music festival Beyond The Valley for the very first time.

“I’m really excited about playing this one! I’ve never played a new years festival before so that will be fun. It will bring back memories of when I used to go to Falls Festival when I was 17 and crowd-surfed. I love crowd-surfing, are you even allowed to crowd-surf any more?!”

Thinking back to her 17 year old days, Barter adds: “I actually just always ended up spewing in the bushes at festivals, so I won’t be doing that. Just don’t do that guys.”

A self-confessed ‘dork’, while not keen on the idea of camping, Barter is definitely keen to celebrate the new year at the festival where she is on a line-up with the likes of Chance The Rapper, Emma Louise, Harts, The Delta Riggs and Vera Blue.

Written by Talia Rinaldo

When & Where: Beyond The Valley, Lardner – December 28 2016 – January 1 2017