Alex Williamson: The “sick f*#k from Wangaratta”

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Alex Williamson: The “sick f*#k from Wangaratta”

Alex ‘Shooter’ Williamson is without a doubt one of Australia’s hottest comedy acts around at the moment. Crafting a name for himself through viral videos on Facebook and YouTube, Williamson’s unique brand of vulgar, yobbo comedy has sky-rocketed his fan-base, leading him to selling out shows around the globe. But what happens when punters unknowingly attend one of his shows?

“Every now and again people accidentally come who are really, really old,” Williamson laughs. “I had a show in Bendigo and there were two 90 year olds in the front row and I saw them and thought ‘nah I’m not holding back, if anything I’m going harder’ and they walked out after about 90 seconds.

“They [the two 90 year olds] said to the people who worked there ‘the only word we could understand was fuck, but at least he’s bringing kids to the theatre’. The funny thing is that she thought she was going to see John Williamson, the country singer, who was playing at the Bendigo Theatre the next weekend, but instead she copped Alex Williamson, the sick fuck from Wangaratta.”

Along with being a crowd favourite in the Australian comedy circuit, Williamson has also proved to be a beloved export, causing quite a buzz overseas on his recent tour ‘Make The World A Banter Place’.

“I was recently in the UK in Edinburgh getting some stuff done and looking at the history… the history of all the whiskeys. They have a lot of great alcohol over there so that was one highlight,” he smiles. “I was also walking around bare foot most of the time because that’s what I do at home and people were picking me up on that telling me to put shoes on because apparently that’s not an acceptable thing to do in the UK.”

Having a dramatic Australian influence on his brand of comedy, Williamson spoke of how he has to change his terminology to connect more with international crowds.

“I think over in England it translates a little smoother than in America,” he explains. “In America you have to slow things down and there are slight differences with words like; if I was going to make a joke about putting a girl into my boot, I would have to say my trunk, just to ensure I get those solid laughs.

“But at the same time as Australian’s, we laugh at Seinfeld and American stuff so there is certain comedy that can translate well. I know comedians have gone over to Iceland and places that barely speak much English and got crowds laughing, so I would love to do that at a point as well. I think the world needs more bogans, so I’m going to get that out there.”

First gaining notoriety from the release of his YouTube hit, ‘The Loosest Aussie Bloke’ which is currently sitting on 3.5 million views and was uploaded in 2012, Williamson opened up about his loosest real life story.

“I’m not too loose myself, but I have witnessed some looseness and certainly encouraged some looseness, but I don’t really enjoy in partaking in it,” Williamson admits.

“I’ve encouraged people to lie on their back and urinate in their own mouth before at house parties and they have done it, which I feel is quite loose. But I wouldn’t ever do that myself, I enjoyed witnessing it though.”

Williamson also found himself in LA for a brief stint on the other side of the microphone interviewing other acts, including Sacha Baron Cohen, but quickly discovered it wasn’t the job for him.

“The interviewing was alright because I was living in LA. I had a really good time there as I was quick to get my medicinal card but the actual job itself was pretty shit. I didn’t really enjoy interviewing people, it wasn’t that creative and especially when you are working for a really mainstream media organisation, you have to ask some pretty ground-breakingly shit questions, so I think I’d like to be on the other side of interviews. I ended up losing that job anyway because I was far too stoned, but I would have quit regardless.”

Now returning from overseas travel, Williamson will be bringing his ‘Make The World A Banter Place’ tour to regional Victoria, which he hopes will highlight the mutual characteristics between himself and regional Victorians.

“They have a sick sense of humour over there in Edinburgh and I’m hoping the same for regional Victoria, you sick fucks,” he laughs, “It’s going to be a lot of fun! There are some cowboys out in the bush and I talk cowboy language. They always get particularly rowdy and rock up on all sorts of substances that you probably shouldn’t go to a comedy show on, but they still seem to enjoy themselves so it’s good, I encourage people to come down and have a great time.

“You might get to chat to me as well as I always hang around after the show to ask crew where the local dirty strip club is – if there is one. Sometimes there is and sometimes there isn’t, but that’s just the gamble you have to take with these kind of tours.”

Written by Alex Callan

When & Where: Riverlinks Eastbank, Shepparton – December 16 & Capital Theatre, Bendigo – December 17

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