Alex L’Estrange: Auchenflower

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Alex L’Estrange: Auchenflower

If the opener ‘Favourite Star’ doesn’t entice you to get your ears around this EP, then nothing will. Sounding like times of getting your chops around a Frosty Fruit on a hot summers day, Auchenflower by Brisbane artist Alex L’Estrange is a wild psychedelic trip down the rabbit hole that will remind you of Deep Sea Arcade or even The Beatles through their Revolver period. Having just supported the likes of Holy Holy on their Darwinism tour, L’Estrange is building for a big 2017.

Live favourites such as ‘Mr Mild’ and ‘Trip Wire’ are present on this debut release and with his luscious sax lines throughout, this is sure to get your heart swooning and feet tapping – and that’s even before we’ve mentioned the moustache! The live show is full of highly energetic sing-alongs that will remind you of the days of Youth Group. If you want an EP to play endlessly through the long hot summer that is about to transcend on us, then L’Estrange has your back.

Pop song-writing of the highest order that will have you singing along on the third play through, Auchenflower will whet your appetite until we get a debut full length sometime soon.

Reviewed By Tex Miller