Alex Lahey: B-Grade University

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Alex Lahey: B-Grade University

Through her indie-rock vibe and honest lyrics, Alex Lahey’s 5-track debut EP reflects the life of 20-something year olds. Relating closely to the struggles of uni life and what the world is like for someone in their twenties, Alex’s lyrics are straight-forward and full of attitude. The songs express experiences of love, hate, getting drunk, arts degrees and more.

Opening track ‘Ivy League’ talks about what is to follow after studying, and Alex asks herself what it would be like if she were an “ivy league kind of girl”. ‘Let’s Go Out’ is the ultimate tune to sing along to before heading on a night out. The melody is catchy, easy to follow, and the chorus is simple, ambient and just amazing.

By the final track ‘L-L-L-Leave Me Alone’, which is somewhat less heavier than the rest, Alex is straight up telling it how it is. The tune has a feel-good vibe, even though she is basically telling someone to f*ck off. Overall, the tracks on the EP reflect the lives of young people, and utilise Alex’s remarkable vocals and ability to accurately capture a moment of life.



Out Independently
Reviewed by Tayla Haigh