Airey’s Inlet Open Mic Festival

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Airey’s Inlet Open Mic Festival

It’s shaping up as being a ripper Aireys Inlet Open Mic Festival in 2016, which will surprise absolutely no one who has previously attended a festival.

We’ll get straight to the line-
up, with your friendly company including Palace of the King, Flawed Peace, Squid, The Ampersands, Pressed Rat & Warthog, Steve Saxton & the Gentlemen, Barbarella, Rach Brennan, Steve Thew, Jessey Jackson, Simon Phillips, Audemia, Everything is Dandy, Imogen Brough, Children of the Sun, Famous Will, Libby Darcy & Wayne Stewart, The Kite Machine, Victoriana Gaye, Tom Lee­Richards, Acoustic Foxx, Nat J, The Cannon Empire, Relatively Speaking, The Gin Slingers, Alexandra Pye and Sweethearts Academy.

All up, across three days and nine stages some 150 performances will take place. That includes a performance from the ‘Special Mystery Guest’, with Colin Hay, Dan Sultan, Tim Rogers and Mark Seymour being previous guests.

From their website: “Critically, it connects and grows the young people of our community through music but is a festival for all ages and demographics. This is a festival for the true music lover. It is not a money making festival, it is a music making festival.”

The Aireys Inlet Open Mic Festival takes place across March 18, 19 & 20 with further information available through