Aine Tyrrell

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Aine Tyrrell

Áine Tyrrell is an inspiring and thought-provoking multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and unmissable live act. Refusing to be boxed by the music industry with their narrow definition of Irish Folk, she is reclaiming and redefining her rise every step of the way with her genre ‘Irish as Fuck’. Her set moves from singing in Irish, acoustic guitars, powerful vocals, to spoken word and hip hop – all unified by her fire. Don’t miss the very thing you need: Aine Tyrrell is Irish As Fuck Not Irish Folk.

Áine Tyrrell has built her international music career by thinking outside the box and saying it how it is. Her life, an inspiring journey in and of itself, is the canvas for the music, words and powerful performances that make her a thought provoking multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and an unmissable live act.

Áine can be found on stages across the world including Woodford Folk Festival, Shrewsbury Folk Festival (UK), Clonakilty International Guitar Festival (IRE), International Folk Alliance (USA) and many more.