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Agent 37

These might be the last few shows for a little while, but Agent 37 will soon be back on stage bringing us the good times. We had a chat with Dave, guitarist and singer, on the band’s best moments and their final last words (well, final for now).
Hi guys, thanks for taking the time to chat to Forte, how are you and what are you up to?
No problem at all. We’re good thanks! We’re in the process of learning a bunch of new songs to play at our shows over the next month or so.
So we saw it’s your last three shows for a little while, how come you guys are taking a break?
We’ve got a couple of reasons for having a break from gigging. We’ve got plans for recording a new album, or at least the first part of a new album. We’ll have some more details about that soon though. The other reason is that Curt and his wife are having a baby, and Curt is taking some time off from the band so he can focus on his family.
We’ve got to say you chose well for the venues, was it hard to decide where to play your last shows?
Honestly, it wasn’t too hard at all. The Brunswick Hotel is one of our favourite Melbourne venues, the staff are great, and we always have a blast playing there. And Karova Lounge is our hometown venue, again, the staff are great, and it’s easily one of the best places we’ve ever played. Amazing venue.
Do these venues hold any memories for you all as a band?
We’ve played a lot of all-day shows at the Brunswick Hotel, and they’ve always been super fun, even the one time we got stuck in traffic and ended up playing a seven song, 10 minute set with a fill in drummer. We played a tribute show for Tony Sly last year which raised over $600 for charity and have possibly played more Melbourne shows there than any other venue.
Karova Lounge is a pretty special place for us as well. We’ve played so many amazing shows there with bands like The Bennies, Clowns, and even Frenzal Rhomb. We also launched our first album there back in August 2014 with a tonne of our friends there, which was pretty special as well.
I guess just overall, what’s been your favourite memory from being in the band?
It’s got to be supporting Frenzal Rhomb back in January this year. We played to a completely packed Karova Lounge, with Frenzal watching us from side of stage. For Curt and I (Dave), it had been one of the things we’d talked about doing since we first started playing in bands together, almost 15 years ago. So that’s definitely a favourite memory, and the biggest highlight of this band’s career.
As it’s the last three shows, will you be holding nothing back?
Oh definitely not. If we’re not all half dead passed out on stage at the end of the May 29 show, something is definitely wrong. Really though, we always put everything into our shows, and these three will be no exception.
How should fans prepare for the shows?
Well we’d hope they’d have our album already, but if not, it’s available online at for $10. So they should listen to that for sure, and get ready to see us cram more songs than you’d think possible into a short time period.
Will you all be having a celebration of your own after the last gig at May 29?
Of course – if we’re not all half dead passed out on stage that is! We’ll be at Karova Lounge, so I’m sure the beers will flow and we’ll kick back after we finish. Although, we have to follow The Ramshackle Army for that show so the bar will be set pretty high.
Thanks again for chatting with us and for sharing your music with us over the years, final last words?
Thank you for the opportunity! Final words.. I guess we should say something poignant right? How about this: Thanks to all our friends and fans and fellow bands that come to see us play, or play shows with us, and everyone who buys our merch and music. You’re not going to want to miss these last shows either! We’ve got some new songs that will be on our upcoming album that we’re trying out, and we feel like they’re right up there with the best we’ve written. So come on out and have a beer, or five, and help send us off in style! Also make sure you like our facebook page ( to keep up with how the recordings are coming along during our break. Cheers from Dave, Curt, Jamie and Zach
When & Where: The Brunswick Hotel, Melbourne – May 15 & Karova Lounge, Ballarat – May 29