After Dinner: New Geelong-based Film and Theatre Production Company brings heartfelt comedy to the region 

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After Dinner: New Geelong-based Film and Theatre Production Company brings heartfelt comedy to the region 

Written by Andrew Bovell, 'After Dinner' is Geelong's Mikey and Co. Productions first-ever theatre production.

Award-winning film and stage actor and award-winning filmmaker Michael Todorovic has officially added producer to his resume, with the launch of his Film and Theatre Production Company, Mikey and Co. Productions.

With the current post-lockdown energy out there that the theatre-going public has well and truly tapped into, Mikey and Co. Productions. arrives at the perfect time, following Todorovic’s graduation from 16th Street Actors Studio’s full-time program in 2021.

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“The idea came to me after I graduated from drama school, as I was getting back to a script I was writing, and thought “well, I already made a film, now I want to do another–OH, and also a stage play… well, why not just create a production company?”,” Todorovic tells us.

“I want to tell stories that haven’t been told before, stories that maybe have been forgotten, or overshadowed. Stories that mean something to me. Because if it means something to me, I believe in my ability to make it mean something to others.”

Born and raised in Geelong, the news marks the latest in a whirlwind of recent successes for Todorovic, who originally started as an aspiring basketball player.

“Acting to me was nothing more than a game I’d play with my siblings or cousins. But, before I became an actor, I was an aspiring basketball player, and although it was a tough road with zero talent, I got pretty good at it too.

“A few years ago I got cut from this team I was on, and began to ask myself: “when I’m old and grey, what do I want to be able to say with humble pride? I have no regrets.” That’s when I made the switch to acting, and never looked back since. It was the best decision I made.”

In two years since he started acting at age 21, by age 23 he had received critical acclaim as well as accolades for theatre and film; both as an actor and filmmaker.

His first ever theatre production saw him cast as the lead in two different one-act plays as part of the 2019 Victorian Drama League One-act Play Festival. He also got nominated for Best Actor at all the venues they performed at and won an award in his last performance from that circuit.

“My first ever film I wrote, directed, produced and starred in – Never Forgotten (released in 2020) – went on to do well in various film festivals nationally and internationally, myself winning Best Actor awards, and winning Best Film awards, even being nominated in the CFIFF for Emerging Filmmaker, which was pretty cool,” Todorovic adds.

Having also just graduated from the aforementioned actor’s studio, Todorovic has been progressively making creative strides all within three years of starting, culminating spectacularly with his new film and production company.  

Alongside funding the making of productions and offering the resources and people required to make it all possible, Mikey and Co. Productions. has been designed with the locals at its heart; for Geelong-based creatives to get around as it creates more work opportunities in Geelong and its surrounding areas.

“There have been more film productions happening in and around Geelong, some big productions too, so the market is growing, and job opportunities are growing. Theatre also, there’s been more productions happening, and it’s been nice to be able to go to the theatre nearby.

“I do hope there will be a time where, not just in Geelong, but in Australia, where the opportunities here are just as good as anywhere in the world.”

Bringing together years of experience, Todorovic will officially launch Mikey and Co. Productions with its first-ever theatre production, After Dinner on Friday, March 4 2022.

Written by Andrew Bovell, one of Australia’s finest writers, After Dinner is an 80s heartfelt comedy, set in a suburban pub bistro on a Friday night. Here, three office workers – Dympie, Paula and Monika – are desperately seeking a good night out.

At an adjoining table are Gordon, recently abandoned by his wife, and Stephen, looking for something more than the usual one-night stand.

As the night proceeds, inhibitions and social restraint disappear, exposing the foibles, pain and humour of the characters’ inner lives.

“It’s an Australian play that I’ll be directing, producing and acting in. I’m grateful that I’ve got a great team with Jack Brophy, Hooria Faryabee, Julia Landberg and Nina Nikolic, they’re all so wonderful to work with and I’m glad they’re a part of this production, getting ready for the big dance in March,” Todorovic says.

Todorovic will launch his company with the play across three performances, which will be performed Friday, March 4th and Saturday, March 5th at 7 pm, and Sunday, March 6th at 2 pm, at the Shenton Theatre – Corner of Garden and Ryrie Street.


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If you’ve ever been on a night out, if you’ve ever been looking for love, not looking for love, or having love find you, this is for you.

“It’s a story of love, pain, and friendship,” Todorovic says. “This is something we can all relate to, as the themes within this play still speak to today’s more contemporary social dynamic.”

You can purchase tickets and find out more here