Acoustic Foxx ushers us into a true grunge experience with new single, ‘The Fire Is Alive’

Acoustic Foxx ushers us into a true grunge experience with new single, ‘The Fire Is Alive’

The Melbourne singer-songwriter has released his second track for 2021.

Renowned for delivering powerful acoustic-folk, alternative rock and grunge-inspired songs, Acoustic Foxx – the moniker for Melbourne singer-songwriter Craig Williams – has unveiled a raw, grungy new single with ‘The Fire Is Alive’.

Having spent the last decade carefully crafting his sound into a unique blend of genres and sensibilities, from discovering playing music in grunge-rock bands, to performing as a solo artist in recent years, the new single sees Williams return to his grunge-rock roots.

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With two albums and a string of releases under his belt already, this single is the follow up to ‘Shine A Light’ released earlier this year and sees Williams hone in on dark acoustic, indie-folk soundscapes, taking a nod to the iconic ’90s grunge movement.

Showcasing his knack for capturing emotional intimacy, ‘The Fire Is Alive’ was inspired by William’s desire to share that no matter how old you are or what you’ve been doing all these years; you can still follow through with your dreams.

“The song refers to keeping in tune with that fire that burns in your belly; that drives you to succeed and keep pushing on doing what you love, no matter your age or where you’re at in life,” Williams shares.

The dark, driving track places William’s vocal front and centre and teaches the uplifting moral that you should spend this life doing what you love and believing in what you’re doing.

In true Stone Temple Pilots form, there’s a beautiful blend of lush acoustic guitar rhythms in the verses that rip into big, foreboding electric riffs for the chorus, ushering listeners into a true grunge experience.

With nods to other contemporary bands like Alice In Chains, Pearl Jam, and Nirvana, the track presents itself as a melodic, propelling, acoustic ballad, putting a spotlight on Williams’ sultry croon with true rock flair, signature acoustic sound and thoughtfully expressive lyrics.

Embracing the old-fashioned, unashamed rock’n’roll swagger, Williams’ rich vocals attack the soaring verses with show-stopping abandon and his instantly memorable riffs are ones that will sound as fresh today as they would in ten years.

Once again teaming up with Joshua Whitehead at Crosstown Studios, the nearly five-minute track sees Williams openly reference familiar touches from old hits without dulling the freshness of the new material.

And while festivals are few and far between in the current space, the double-time outro jam wouldn’t be out of place at a big summer festival, with punters swaying to William’s emotionally charged and beautifully self-assured voice as the sun goes down behind the stage.

Listen to ‘The Fire Is Alive’ below or stream it here.