Above & Beyond: Acoustic II

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Above & Beyond: Acoustic II

There’s something so ethereal and comforting about the Above & Beyond release. As soon as ‘Hello’ slides through my headphones, with its soft crooning of “hello”, gentle keys and instrumental arrangement it’s the easiest listen I’ve heard in a long time. It’s the kind of jazz tinged number that would be great to play for a wine-filled night of entertainment, right through to as you slowly open your eyes on a Sunday morning.

The vocals throughout the release are exquisite and matched by the perfectly executed instrumentals. ‘On My Way to Heaven’ has a very Bond-esque vibe to it, and has me feeling flashbacks from my childhood. ‘All Over the World’ is a highlight for me, one that has a constant strum of guitar with hints of keys and violin, and overall a very euphoric vibe. And that’s perhaps the greatest thing about this release, is with its complexity, though easy listening, its utterly uplifting and just what you’d want from an “acoustic” release.

Universal Music Australia
Reviewed by Valeria Vatoosh