Aberration, The Blistered Minds, Future Tongues, Blazing Twigs

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Aberration, The Blistered Minds, Future Tongues, Blazing Twigs

Aberration and The Blistered Minds are taking their high-energy rock-and-roll co-headline tour to Victoria, swinging past The Barwon Club on Friday 18th November.

Born out of the maelstrom of 80s Sydney punk rock, Aberration is renowned for powerful live shows served up with a dash of melody, rhythmical forte and dazzling guitar interplay.

Having been in numerous Aussie rock acts including The New Christs, Lime Spiders and Hell Crab City, Aberration influenced bands like The Hard-Ons and MassAppeal, with both those bands playing their first shows supporting Aberration.

Little recorded evidence of their power and energy exists from this period, but Alan Creed, singer/guitarist/songwriter (the only original member) brought together Tony Bambach (ex Lime Spiders) and Stuart Wilson (Ex-New Christs) in 2018 to finally put down the Aberration album ´Tuckerbox’.

The Blistered Minds are a collision of Geelong Rock and Northern Beaches Surf Punk, with their mix engineer dubbing their style “Surf-psycho-billy”! Renowned for their high energy live shows, Ben Brown from ‘The Hellmenn’ described a show he caught as a “sonic firestorm!”.

With an EP ‘Sin’ and album ‘Bug Trap Diaries’ under their belt, The Blistered Minds have shaken off the Covid blues to get there out and rock again.