A Very Suttons Birthday

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A Very Suttons Birthday

Well, we gave this a quick mention last issue but because we do our best to stay true to our word, here is a bigger write-up about the upcoming Suttons Birthday Weekend Festival. In celebration of its first birthday, Suttons has lined up four days of music, kicking off November 12.
Artists set to perform throughout the festival’s duration include Paige Duggan, Ari & Rhiannon, Mark with the Sea, Uptown Funk, Ultrafox, Patrick McCabe, Geoffrey Williams, Pugsley Buzzard, The Virginia Slims and Mick Dog’s Bone Yard. If you’re a private party kind of guy or gal, November 14 is the date for you. Imagine indulging in a glass of champagne on arrival before soaking up the sounds of Bustamento. Bustamento is a “tropical shaking” ensemble spearheaded by Nicky Bomba.
The seeds for this sound were planted over a decade ago when Nicky attended his first musical expo in Germany back in 2003. Nicky: “I reached my destination and there before me was Stanley Beckford and his Mento group. The music had a happy familiarity. They were making words up on the spot and it immediately reminded me of my Maltese heritage where we would do the same thing. Island music, eh?” Further information, including booking details for the November 14 show, can be found through suttonshouseofmusic.com.au.