A Tribe Called Red: We are the Halluci Nation

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A Tribe Called Red: We are the Halluci Nation

We’re really facing a shift in the music landscape when it comes to the representation of indigenous artists and the stories they are now more able than ever to tell. Fronted by the likes of Briggs, Thelma Plum and Dan Sultan in Australia, the conversation is open and with A Tribe Called Red’s newest release they’ve built on the discussion – even though they’re not aboriginal, instead Native American.

Opening number and title track is confronting, engaging and it’s only natural given Native American activist, poet and musician John Trudell is the first voice we hear. The song is mixed with edgy electronic elements with the drumbeat being the underpinner of the track.

Fused with modern hip hop, as the release continues the beat is developed with the drumbeat always maintaining its focus. And hell is ‘R.E.D’ one killer track. In a short review this only touches on the surface of the complexities of this release, whether it’s the instrumentals, lyrics or the messages that are being delivered, this is one you need to hear.



Out via Radicalized Records
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh