A potato festival is heading to Ballarat

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A potato festival is heading to Ballarat

Potatoes are one of those miracle vegetables that taste good in just about everything. Fries? Check. Shepherd’s Pie? Check. Roast Veggies? Check. You get the point.
Well, it only makes sense to have a whole festival dedicated to them.
Celebrating all there is about this starch-filled treat is the Ballarat Potato Festival – yes, it’s now officially a thing – which is set for winter this year.
As part of the Ballarat Winter Festival, the event is a chance to experience the potato in a variety of dishes and forms and watch as the produce of the region is put under the spotlight. The one-day event will showcase the versatility of the spud, stimulating all of your senses with a range of innovative, wholesome and starchy creations.
Think gnocchi, the classic baked potatoe and more.
So prepare for some serious carb-loading, when the event heads to Ballarat The Mining Exchange on June 30 as part of the Ballarat Winter Festival.
For more details go to ballaratwinterfestival.com.au