A Night of TOOL

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A Night of TOOL

Third Eye are a TOOL tribute band who have received much praise on their recreation of TOOL’s performances; both in regard to music and staging. The band creates a memorable experience for those who are TOOL fans and newcomers to their music.

For the first time the Melbourne-based band are taking their show to Western Australia, before returning to Victoria where they will play at Geelong’s Wool Exchange.

Third Eye have also received praise for their lighting and laser effects and their shows are known to be full of visual displays, art and dedications to TOOL, as well as a unique sense of musicianship that sets them apart from other tribute bands.

TOOL is a band that truly deserves to be paid tribute to, with five Grammy nominations and three wins barely scratching the tip of what the band achieved during their heyday (which pretty much lasted ten years – an achievement within itself). Their music combined rock with progressive, psychedelic and art elements to create an exclusive sound and they were also well known for their use of visual arts (which Third Eye mirror very well).

While it has been a while since TOOL have headed down under, Third Eye are ready to give audiences the full experience, as they combine audio and visual components to create a fully immersive TOOL inspired experience, with a set-list packed with a selection of TOOL’s many hits, and a habit for creating unforgettable experiences for their audiences.

You can catch Third Eye and their ever-brilliant TOOL inspired performances at Geelong’s Wool Exchange, Saturday February 3, 2018.

Written by Perri Digby