A new business serving decadently delicious desserts is coming to Geelong

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A new business serving decadently delicious desserts is coming to Geelong

The most artistic, unimaginable desserts ever to be seen in town.

With all this talk of lockdown, we thought we’d also give you something to look forward to.

Please give a warm welcome to Sweet Adeline Desserts, who are set to launch on September 28. Spawned from the notion that life’s all about following your dreams, Sweet Adeline Desserts promise to offer something truly special to Geelong; something sweet, with a touch of the whimsical.

Creating beautifully crafted desserts, combined with the vintage character of Theodore the dessert caravan bar, the dream team travel from event to event, bringing a distinct charm that is sure to impress. The “Teddy Van” has been lovingly restored, maintaining the integrity of his classic swagger, therefore making him the perfect complement to any styled occasion – be in your hens, birthday, wedding or even just a lavish celebration with the girls…

The hero of Sweet Adeline is most certainly the wow factor of their artisanal desserts. Using fresh and locally sourced ingredients combined with the latest techniques, Sweet Adeline Desserts continually produce innovative dessert designs. The multiple layers of their creations bring a harmonious balance of flavours and textures that will tickle your taste buds, and they offer a range of creations that seamlessly blend with each event setting, creating a wide appeal.

With just a glace at their Instagram, we’re already salivating for the indulgent creations.

From the white chocolate and coffee mousse/caramel and donut infused creme brulee centre/Kahlua jelly/espresso sponge base/espresso dark chocolate spray (yes really!), to the Rum Poached Pear with vanilla mousse, Hazelnut Praline and Dark chocolate Ganache, and the sleek strawberry yoghurt mousse cake, these creations are seriously next level.

Each month, they’ll be releasing a range of new and exciting FROM THE MENU desserts, their FROM THE BAR creations will be merging cocktails and desserts especially for the grownups, and they’ll even be offering unique FROM YOU custom designs, created in collaboration with the client to complement their special day.

It’s good news though even if you aren’t looking to cater your next big event, and you are simply looking for some sweets to treat yourself as they will be offering online ordering of their tasty morsels.

So, for all you sugar-lovers out there who believe any excuse will do, Sweet Adeline Desserts have got you covered!

Sweet Adeline will be launching in Geelong, September 28 2020. Keep up to date with the latest via Instagram.