A Month of Sundays

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A Month of Sundays

Adelaide real estate agent Frank Mollard (Anthony LaPaglia) isn’t doing well. He’s divorced from his actress wife, estranged from his son, drifting aimlessly through his job and now his mum’s on the phone telling him she’s not happy. Which is odd, as she died a year ago. Turns out it’s a wrong number, but the conversation sparks something in Frank and he seeks out a face-to-face with Sarah (Julia Blake). An unlikely friendship is born and… well, this isn’t really a film that’s heavily plot-driven.

Things happen, but the focus is on Frank as he tries to find his way back to himself. Which is a long journey, and at times you really feel it in this deliberately-paced film; a shot where Frank and his boss (John Clarke) sit around a table staring into space suggests a film that’s not in a hurry to get anywhere. LaPaglia is excellent as the subdued but flailing Frank, while Blake’s charm and warmth make her the perfect partner in their double-act. Writer-director Matthew Saville puts the events together like clockwork, but a looser plot might have got the message across better. Clarke is, as always, a comedy highlight; why he’s not in every Australian film remains a mystery.

Reviewed by Anthony Morris