A life: MT Presented by Friendlyjordies

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A life: MT Presented by Friendlyjordies

A life: MT Presented by Friendlyjordies – is a tongue in cheek, hour-long roast of Malcolm Turnbull and a raving venture into Australian politics that features satirist comedian Jordan Shanks parading his antics across the stage dressed as an old French aristocrat portrayal of the politician – which given the former prime minister’s reputation, is blissfully felicitous.
It’s an approach that may at first seem altogether preposterous on the exterior and to be honest, it is considerably outrageous. However ultimately the presentation demonstrated a profound expertise regarding the political environment and the psyche of the general Australian.
Meticulously weaving political satire with explorations into sometimes very dark territory humour wise, Jordan establishes a stage show that legitimately kept the crowd mesmerised with the overall tone making the crowd wonder what priceless chronicle would be played out before them next.
The comedic prowess of Jordan allowed him to produce a gratifying, compelling and hilarious verbal barrage for the hour run time. A much different tone from his previous tour (Chip up, Stooge!) that despite being funny also served a purpose of being beneficial from a self-help perspective. This new show was an exodus from the prior self-help based tour, with the focus this time fundamentally being about adding flare to Australian politics whilst revealing the absurdity of modern social aristocracy and the political elites.
A life: MT demonstrates that Jordan Shanks is proficient in effortlessly occupying many contrasting spaces on the comedy spectrum and because of this, he leaves everyone wondering what he will present us with next and that element of the unknown is what makes great, memorable comedy.
Where: GPAC, Geelong
When: Sunday October 7
Reviewed by Josh Dowling
Photographed by John De Haan