A Few Favourite Things

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A Few Favourite Things

With her acoustic rootsy brand of pop, Kristy Coote has made some big waves in the US, not to mention locally. You may have heard her international hit ‘I’m Not That Girl’, or ‘Chocolate Days’ and ‘Calling All You Wanted Ages’, tracks from John Butler’s Home Grown Roots III compilation.

Kristy has spent a chunk of time in the States writing and recording her new album, Favourite Things, which she and her band will be touring in no time at all. 2016 will also see Kristy take on a new challenge.

In support of ‘Wings of Kilimanjaro’, a charity close to her heart, the songwoman will climb Mount Kilimanjaro. The charity climb raises needed funds for clean water and education for the Tanzanian people.

Kristy: “I think everyone goes through a self-
doubting period at one time in their lives. My experience was whether or not to continue a 9 to 5 job whilst feeling dissatisfied. I knew deep down this wasn’t my path to take so I changed it … and here I am … loving what I’m passionate about it. It’s not just about filling my void, but knowing this journey will be able to help other people through my music.”

With a very special guest in Tyrone Noonan, Kristy takes on Beav’s Bar, Geelong on February 18.