A drive-in cinema is popping up in regional Victoria once again for the summer

A drive-in cinema is popping up in regional Victoria once again for the summer

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Showbiz Cinemas are bringing the retro drive-in trend back to Ballarat.

The hallmark of 1950s suburban kitsch, oozing nostalgia from a time most of us have only ever experienced first-hand at – funnily enough – the cinema, drive-ins are still here. And they aren’t going anywhere.

With 17 drive-ins across Australia, Victoria is home to four drive-ins, three of which are less than a 50-minute drive from the CBD. The other is Showbiz Drive In Ballarat, courtesy of the legends at Showbiz Cinemas Ballarat.

Fresh onto the scene, Showbiz only opened late last year as a way of getting regional Victorians out of the house and into the movies with their entirely COVID-safe big screen experience. Upon it’s arrival, it was the first drive-in cinema to grace Ballarat since their last outdoor cinema experienced closed in 1991

Now the cinema has announced its long-awaited return, blessing the residents of Ballarat with a drive-in experience to enjoy across the summer months once again.

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Taking over the Ballarat showgrounds, the pop-up cinema will be screening a number of old and new films over the next few months on Friday and Saturday nights, with the first film scheduled to be aired tonight, Friday, November 5. So far movies slated to hit the big screen include Grease, Harry Potter & The Philosopher’s Stone, Bohemian Rhapsody, Titanic, Free Guy, Eternals, No Time To Die, The Matrix: Resurrections and Venom: Let There Be Carnage. There will also be some holiday favourites in the lead up to Christmas including Home Alone and A Boy Called Christmas.

Tickets are priced at $35 per car which means up to five people able to come along (unless you’re in a ute!), or if there’s just two of you it’s just $25.

Like most drive-ins, the movie’s audio track will be streamed through an FM radio transmitter. Those with a ute or a wagon however will have the option of sitting outside on the back or on a couch if they please.

There will also be a full candy bar to peruse online with popcorn, choc tops, confectionary and all the cinema snacks that we’ve been missing like crazy which will be delivered straight to your car.

So, roll up, tune in and watch classic films in this drive-in cinema.

Check out the screening times and purchase tickets via the website.