A Daniel’s Donuts Drive Thru is opening in Belmont this weekend

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A Daniel’s Donuts Drive Thru is opening in Belmont this weekend

Whether you spell it donut or doughnut, these little round works of art have fast been becoming a favourite of discerning foodies and donut lovers everywhere.

If you’re craving the best in deep-fried, icing covered treats, it’s long been known that Daniel’s Donuts is the place to go. Located in Portarlington, the half-hour drive from Geelong is definitely worth it to indulge in the classics such as Nutella, and Fresh Jam and Cream, or creations like the Cookies and Cream, Snickers Custard, and Passionfruit Cheesecake, but what if we had a closer option? And one where you don’t even need to get out of the car…

Sounds like a dream, right?

From tomorrow (Saturday, March 28), this will be the new reality for the region with Daniel’s Donuts Drive Thru opening up in Belmont. Taking over the old Hungry Jack’s on High Street, this will be the newest destination for doughy treats with familiar combinations and surprising twists.

At the moment, they have 5 boxed varieties to choose from. Unfortunately, they can’t mix it up until the diner is open and this whole virus fiasco is over. Check out the flavours below.

The drive thru will be open from 6am until sold out, and judging from their socials, it could be an early finish for the team! There will also be milkshakes and coffee available too.


We’ll be going for a cheeky drive tomorrow to taste test these babies.