A CSI-inspired outdoor murder mystery experience is heading to Geelong in January

A CSI-inspired outdoor murder mystery experience is heading to Geelong in January

Geelong is transforming into a giant outdoor CSI experience.

There’s nothing like a good mystery to pass the time, and since premiering in 2000, CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) has been the go-to for exactly that. Nothing beats a few hours of immersing yourself into the lives of these forensic scientists as they unveil the circumstances behind mysterious deaths.

If you’re the type that just simply had to know ‘whodunit’, and you’re ready to live out your CSI dreams on Geelong streets, CluedUpp is the immersive outdoor CSI experience heading to Geelong on January 29 early next year, 2022 that lets you do just that.

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The “CSI Geelong” game requires players to use forensic techniques, codebreaking, and good old-fashioned detective work to crack the case and solve the mystery using the award-winning CluedUpp app on their smartphones.

Your secret starting location will be revealed in your pre-game briefing and participants can start anytime between 9am and 2pm and lasts between two and three hours.

Entirely self-guided, it’s a puzzle-solving experience, where you have to, as a team, solve puzzles to unlock witness testimony at each location. Once you have unlocked the witness testimony you have to figure out how that fits into the overall narrative.

Essentially it’s like an outdoor escape room mixed with a little bit of role-playing with you and your friends becoming forensic experts for the day. It is optional to dress in full PPE à la real-life investigators but absolutely encouraged.

Groups of two up to six need just one ticket to attend, and they’re on sale now from $60, usually $80.
Plus, since it’s an outdoor event, you can even take your dogs with you to help you solve the crime. So whether you’re more of a Gil Grissom, a Horatio Caine, or a Mac Taylor, you want to grab up to five friends and get started.

Sounds pretty cool right?

It’s not just glory you’ll be leaving with either, but also a number of cool prizes will be on offer for the fastest team, best fancy dress (CSI inspired), best team picture, best team name, best young detective (under 16’s prize) and best pooch pic (dogs prize).


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Geelong CSI hits the town on Saturday, January 29th. For more information or to grab your tickets visit cluedupp.com.