A cocktail and dessert lounge is opening in Geelong very soon

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A cocktail and dessert lounge is opening in Geelong very soon

Now this is a local business we can get behind…

Set to be a sugar lovers paradise, a dedicated cocktail and dessert lounge is opening up in Geelong, guaranteed to please locals who are almost as passionate about their cocktails as they are about their coffee.

Titled Sweet Cheeks, the lounge will be serving up cheeky cocktails, in-house crafted desserts and even pancakes to cure any sweet tooth.

Previously the venue was slated to open as ‘Stacked’, a dessert and pancake bar featuring cakes, choc mousse, jar cakes, cupcakes, macarons, sticky date puddings and butterscotch sauce, lemon tart, and even mini cheesecakes!

While the name has changed and there’s now a larger focus on cocktails (big yes from us), it sounds like Sweet Cheeks might still be our very own Willy Wonka wonderland filled with as much chocolate, cake and other sugary treats that we can sink our teeth into, especially with pancakes (AKA the best dessert-for-breakfast dish you can get your mitts on) set to take precedence on the menu.

Construction is still underway, but you’ll find the lounge within Bar Code, a relatively new venue based in Geelong, and it will only be operating nights, 5pm-10pm Wednesday to Sunday, until restrictions lift.

The team have also revealed a second expansion of Sweet Cheeks will be coming mid-spring, featuring a lush outdoor deck section – perfect for sipping an espresso martini while munching on a stack of chocolate covered pancakes.

That’s all the information we have so far so keep an eye on their socials for further updates.

Whether you’re upfront about your dessert consumption or you keep it as your little secret, we can safely assume this place will satisfy.

Sweet Cheeks is located at 71 Yarra Street, Geelong.