Strap in, a bungee fitness studio has just popped up in Geelong

Strap in, a bungee fitness studio has just popped up in Geelong

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Words by Mackenzie Pennycook

Are your regular workout classes just feeling a little bland? Is your 5.30pm spin class at the local leisure centre not quite cutting it anymore? This one’s for you.

There’s a new wave of bungee workout classes (yes, bungee) hitting Geelong and they’re set to bring the fun back into cardio bootcamp-esque workouts.

Opening its doors this month Studio Exhilarate in North Geelong has created a special bungee and unique low impact fitness studio – the only bungee cord workout in the region. They are offering a fun and supportive environment, coupled with highly skilled and trained instructors that ensure everyone (even beginners) get the best results out of their workouts.

If you’re unfamiliar with it, the bungee fitness class craze took the internet by storm via Tik Tok, offering a high-intensity full-body workout that focuses on cardio and strength training all whilst hooked up to a bungee cord suspended from the ceiling and a harness.

Think squats, lunges and push-ups whilst suspended in the air adding fun and excitement to a normally drab exercise regime.

The exercises are all set to be low impact which is a bonus for supporting your joints. The benefits of a bungee workout don’t just stop at joint support, the combination of cardio and strength training also means a bungee exercise class is highly effective for burning calories.

The classes are often accompanied with music, making the bungee workout not only highly effective but also super enjoyable.

These new bungee classes join Studio Exhilarate’s already large offering of classes, including pole fitness, aerial fitness, and boxing.

If you’re on the hunt for a way to spice up your exercise regime bungee exercise classes could be for you.

Booking for the classes are now open and there’s a tonne of membership options available ranging from $35 to $90 weekly, depending on what inclusions you’re after. Check it all out here.

You can find Studio Exhilarate at 2 Edols Place North Geelong.