A Bunch of Punks

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A Bunch of Punks

It’s time to gather the posse for a night out with Sydney folk-punk band The Rumjacks when they hit Geelong’s Barwon Club on November 20. While the band may have been missing from our shores, they were busy on their debut overseas tour, playing to some 50,000 people across a three-month stretch.
The little run of local shows, dubbed the ‘Home Rule’ tour, will see the band ripping out tracks from their latest effort, 2015’s Sober & Godless. The album, the band’s second, was produced by Steve James whose credits include Thin Lizzy and The Jam. Explains frontman Frankie McLaughlin: “The making of this album saw us wondering at this whole folk/punk thing as a wider genre, and what it means to us. The sickeningly rich tradition of people telling their story to song has continued unbroken by time, distance or malevolence. We see no good reason why it should stop with us. Call it Celtic punk, folk, rock or whatever, we have to keep telling each other our story. That’s the only thing that keeps us human.” Another big year is set for 2016, with the band set to hit Europe and the UK and get busy with new recording. Again, that is Geelong’s Barwon Club on November 20.