A Brief Look at Soundwave Over the Years

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A Brief Look at Soundwave Over the Years

The past 24 hours haven’t been the greatest for a festival that has given us around a decade of incredible international and Australian acts. While there is still doubt as to whether punters will get reimbursed for their tickets or if the festival will ever show its face in the future (you can read up on all the drama here), we thought we’d take a different look at Soundwave. Here’s a look at some moments from the better years of Soundwave.
30 Seconds to Mars – 24 February, 2011
“It’s a big thing for us, I mean playing live is the reward. Making a record, that’s where you struggle and you suffer and you become unconfident. You go through so many different emotions making an album, and when it’s done and you’ve decided together that it’s ready and there’s nothing more that can be done to improve it, that’s when you give it away and our. We spent a lot of time on perfecting the show and we love it. There’s nothing better for us.” guitarist Tomo Milicevic.
The Offspring – 17 January, 2008
“When I get an idea in my head I just kind of hum it in there,” Dexter Holland says. “It’s weird, you can be in the produce section in the supermarket! Like, ‘Pretty Fly…’ the part where it goes, ‘uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cino, cino, seis’, we were in South America doing interviews and this guy had a microphone was was saying ‘testing one, two, three’…he  almost said it rhythmically and for me the light bulbs went off.”
Lamb of God – 23 February, 2012
“We put everything into our live show, that’s what separates a mediocre band from the good ones and I feel that our live show is fantastic and something that we’ve worked really hard to perfect. Just walking out on stage every night to see all those fans that have come to celebrate our music is very humbling and something that we never take for granted. That’s what motivates us to keep delivering good music and we can’t wait to get down to Australia and play to you guys,” John Campbell.
Cypress Hill – 24 January, 2013
“I’m excited because I know I’m going to have fun and can’t wait to get out there and represent with my band, and for the world to see we are still a bunch of bad asses,” Sen Dog laughed.
…”Being able to tour keeps us going. We are a veteran hip hop band and it’s a thrill for us to keep going and continue our legacy.”
Steel Panther – 6 September, 2012
“I would have to say that every single one of our songs is written from a personal experience to one of the band members, or an experience that we’ve experienced with a groupie, it’s fucking fun! When we’re singing ‘Asian Hooker’ people are like, ‘No way!’ and we’re like, ‘yeah totally, we fucked ’em!” Michael Starr says.