Five things you didn't know about The Fix Ups

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Five things you didn't know about The Fix Ups

Melbourne’s The Fix Ups self titled debut album is the antidote to boring dancefloors everywhere a genre mashing pop freakout! Like an 80s Trans Am sports car through the French Riviera this is opulent pop with a sense of style.
2000s indie dancefloor bangers, and new wave synths is just the beginning as the gentle lead vocals lure you to your death like a siren of the sea. It’s art-pop and punk-dance, and it’s not taking any prisoners!
To celebrate the album, we got The Fix Ups to share five things you may not know!
Hey we are a The Fix Ups from Melbourne and here are some secrets, real life adventures and anecdotes we’d like to share with you.
Some we’ve experienced as a band but most are from our not so distant past that only our shadows have witnessed.
You may see us play one day and we may deny things, but we won’t deny these.

1. When The fix Ups were a duo, they toured America and played 18 shows in 13 cities driving approximately 12,000kms around the country. They played with over thirty bands and witnessed the spectacular changing landscapes of America. An incident that was freaky funny was when the duo was packing their gear into the car after a gig in DC. Marlene was approached by a man who asked if he could join her band, whilst flashing a knife at her, and followed her to their car. The police came to the rescue instantly and he jumped into his car and sped off.
2. Back in the day Nikos’ ancestors were harpists, musicians and storytellers to the royal family in Ireland. So music runs deep in the Shannon family. His dad uncle, cousins and grandfather are musicians. His uncle Dean played keys in the band Epicure and his dad Mark plays guitar in Melbourne The Offtopics.
3. Marlene was a teenage runaway. At the age of 15 she had planned a romantic escape with her rollerblades, left on the first morning bus and told the bus driver she was going on a school camping trip.
She spent a couple of days on Cronulla beach, then Bondi Beach and then long story short, eventually ended up in a girls refuge for the following 3 years living with amazing girls and being looked after by social workers.
4. In Primary school Ash was picked on by the boys by grabbing her in a sumo embrace and not letting go. We all know this was you treated people you had a crush on but too young to know about crushes and keen on revenge to these bullies, feisty little Ash plotted her comeback with her proud recently bought new blundstones. With untamed agility and with the prowess of a blonde Bruce Lee, she fly kicked one of the boys right where it hurt. Justice has been upheld and the boys were never to grab her again.
5. Huw was kidnapped in Peru…well, sort of. Holidaying with the partner, and local relatives, Huw was taken on a lovely day trip. Where to? Oh, only 2 hours away they said. Six hours later, raining in the middle of the Andes, in a collectivo, Huw and his partner decided to bail. How to get back to the hotel you ask? Ha, hitchhike on the back of a 70 year olds van with chickens and a Nun of course. Possible landslides you say? Of course! Nobody died, and Huw is fine…sort of.
The Fix-Ups self-titled debut is out now.