5 Quick Ways to Jazz up Your Party

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5 Quick Ways to Jazz up Your Party

If you’ve ever been tasked with planning a party, whether it be for yourself or someone else, you’ll understand the hardships that can sometimes be involved in trying to keep people entertained all night. Sure, you can tell everyone to dress up as their favourite superhero or throw a toga party, but will it keep your guest interested? Odds are, probably not, but don’t stress if that was your plan,

Forte have compiled a list of quick ways to ensure your party will go over a hit with your friends.


Photobooths are on the up lately, party-goers everywhere are relishing the opportunity to pull their best silly faces. They are a great way to keep the guests engaged and let them create memories without having to take large quantities of selfies. Most photobooth services offer the option to have personalised text and logos printed on the photos and provide stacks of layouts to provide a truly unique keepsake for all of those in attendance.

Mechanical Bull

Mechanical bulls never fail to be a party-starter, people just love the mechanical bull. They’re unpredictable, fun and always a good idea when you’ve been taking advantage of that open bar. Best of all, there’s an abundance of places that hire mechanical bulls around regional Victoria. Now safer than ever, the only pain that is suffered by falling from the bull is purely to the rider’s ego.


Okay, hear me out here. I know what you’re thinking, no one has done karaoke since the nineties when they vowed that they’d never let their friends stumble through Baby Got Back at their party, but it’s still around. I’m not saying that everyone at your party is going to be keen to belt out a few covers right away, all you need is a devoted few that will lead the way and you’ll be surprised how many people will get up and give it a go. It’s a great way to keep guests entertained and makes picking the music not your responsibility!


Mini-games for far too long have been associated with children’s parties and corny baby showers. But mini-games are a great way to spice up parties and engage your guests! You could set up a little putting green, or if there’s hardwood floors around you could organise a bowling lane. The options are endless. Mini games work because they cater to people’s competitive nature. They’ll keep playing until they beat that one mate who keeps winning or they won’t leave until they finally get a strike.


Lighting is always important at your party, it can be the make it or break it for ambience. If you can get your hands on those light box letters, or some nice colourful fairy lights to hang up around the room, you’re set. If you’re having a dance floor then it’s no big task to organise some lights to really set the dance-club atmosphere, loads of places around regional Victoria offer affordable light hire.

Written by Jack Cherry