5 Hair Things I Couldn’t Live Without

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5 Hair Things I Couldn’t Live Without

I’ve touched on quite a few things here on my little column, but one thing I don’t think I have ever talked about is hair. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m not very good at it, and in turn being the reason I have mine mostly cut off.

However I feel that in recent times I’ve actually been doing well with my hair – most likely due to my being forced in to learning hair as one of my units through my makeup course I’m undertaking. So I thought what better way to celebrate that, than tell you all about the hair related bits and bobs I now can’t go without.

Hair Straightener

My straightening iron is a raw essential in my life, as not only does it hold the magical ability to straighten out unwanted kinks in my hair, but I can also curl my hair with it – which is magical and convenient.

Trying to write down how to curl hair with a hair straightener is kind of difficult and could take a while — my advice is to hop on YouTube and search it, there are heaps of videos all about it.


For days when I’m just not feeling like a harsh look – or when I need to flatten out my pesky cowlick at the back of my head – my blowdryer is my best friend. When blowdrying downwards, I’m able to tame my frizz, as well as give myself a little bit of a style, which is a win-win in any scenario.

Sea-Salt Spray

You know the deal with this guy, you pop it in to wet, dry, curled, wavy or whatever kind of hair you want, and it adds in a little bit of crunch to your hair, and keeps it just a little bit un-polished. I feel like the more I try to tell myself that it’s deliberate, the better it looks.

Texturising Powder

Hair looking a little flat? Need some more hair, but are incapable of instantaneously growing full strands in a matter of seconds? Never fear, texturising powder can fix that. This is definitely not a standard product, but this saves my life on the daily. You pop some on your roots and it essentially makes your hair feel a little thicker and grittier, and helps lift your hair at the roots and delivers full, tousled-looking texture.

Dry Shampoo

I think if there was one hair product I (and I’m sure many other women in the world) simply could not live without; it would be dry shampoo. This stuff is my saving grace on day-three hair… and sometimes four-day hair. But you didn’t hear that from me.

Hair is a tricky thing to get the hang of, and everybody’s hair is so different. The best way to find your favourites is through research, and maybe asking people who have similar hair to you what their favourite products to use are. But ultimately trial and error is the way to go baby!

Written by Jessica Alves