In Her Words

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In Her Words

In Her Words
T.J. Thompson

In Her Words is an enjoyable read, sharing the highs and lows of Sasha, the main character, over a number of years. There are a plenty of twists and turns that often head down a dark path, but each ends with a positive outcome or lesson. The novel is cleverly written with many characters and conflicts coming back to play another, different, role later on in the storyline.

This novel is unique in the way Sasha is written – as a flawed person. By telling the novel through Sasha’s perspective, and including her thoughts and emotions it gives insight into her life and personality. In moments Sasha’s thoughts and actions make her a morally ambiguous and almost unlikeable character. However, the character grows out of many of these traits and by showing the readers each conflict and resolution Thompson draws out empathy in the end, creating a character that is human, both relatable and likeable. It is this journey that adds realism into the novel.

While the use of journal entries starts out a little confusing these quickly prove to relate back into the narrative, allowing readers extra insights into the emotionally turbulent occurrences of each chapter, and acting as a form of foreshadowing.

With settings conversing from a bustling city centre to a quiet country town it touches on very different Australian settings and lifestyles, and the idea of identity and ‘home’.

This novel is a quality summer read, where the narrative is engaging and realistic, with dark and light moments creating a book that is easy and enjoyable to read.

Reviewed by Perri Digby