33 things everyone has said or done on a night out at Lambys

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33 things everyone has said or done on a night out at Lambys

We love Lambys.

This weekend’s forecast: 100% chance of Mario Karts.

Geelong’s good for a lot of things, but a couple of shots and a dance with the crew at Lambys would have to be at the top of the list. This was the place to go to throwback multiple Mario Karts, and dance to Mr Brightside as it came on for the 14th time in one night.

In honour of a Lamby’s sesh you might be doing this weekend, here are the things we’ve all said or done on a night out.

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You’ve asked the Lambys bartender for the Mario Kart recipe so you can make them at home
They were just so, so good.

You’ve stuck to the floor
It’s a feeling we miss.

You’ve stayed until those dreaded lights came on
A quiet Sunday night with a couple of wines at home turns into being 10 Mario Karts deep, smashing out Jessie’s Girl at Lambys until the light of death hits you in the face at close.

*At 3am* “To Home House?”
The party must continue

“Jägerbombs anyone?”
The answer was always yes.

You went on a Sunday night with all your uni mates
Even though you had work early Monday morning. Sunday night Lambs was just the number one spot to go to end your weekend. Plus free entry for students and industry peeps.


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You’ve brought your drink on the downstairs dancefloor
And tried your best to stay out of the bouncer’s view.

You’ve spilt your drink on said dancefloor
Aforementioned bouncer was not impressed.

You’ve fallen asleep in the bathroom till someone comes knocking
You just needed a quick power-nap.

You’ve completed a Lambys marathon
Easter long weekends meant one thing.


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**Going out Thursday night, coming home Monday morning // Lambys Easter Marathon #lambyssesh #lambysmarathon #fitspo

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You’ve hooked a ‘Lambys Lap’ after losing your mates
It was a 50/50 shot that you’d find them.

“To the Rave Cave”
Where to go for the bangers.

You’ve closed your eyes in the smokers
It’s the first time you’ve been able to sit down in hours and the dancing combined with the seven vodka lime sodas you’ve downed have finally caught up with you.

You’ve torn up the D-Floor to Test Pilot Molly or Bedrock
Lambys greats.


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Saturday night feeeels ✌🏻🎤 Let’s get it #lambyssesh

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You’ve bumped into a Cats player at the upstairs bar
Standard Geelong behaviour.

You’ve waited for what feels like hours at the ATM inside Lambys
Rookie error lining up to Lambys without cash. If the bouncers were nice, they’d let you run to the ATM nearby.

You’ve left because you can’t find your mates and there’s no damn reception.
Hey, where are you?
Where u?

Or you didn’t even bother texting and you just phantomed out of there

You’ve met or seen someone from Geordie Shore or MAFS.


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How good would it be to have Gaz back again? 🙌🏼🙌🏼 #dreamin #gaz #lambyssesh

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You’ve had deep, heart-to-heart conversations with strangers in the bathrooms
These people are always making you feel on top of the world, and somehow always seem to have pretty decent advice (at least we think so at the time). You even go as far to add each other on Snapchat and Facebook only to never see them again. Bless you, kind strangers.

You just know #neverlambalone
You just don’t.

“Hey can we get a photo”
Bless you club photographers.


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Our main man Jake will be in tonight taking your snaps 📷📷 Tag your squad below! #neverlambalone #longweekend

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“What happens at Lambys stays at Lambys”
You know it’s never good when your mate pulls out that line.

You’ve partied with Chops.


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All hail Sir Chops! Once a king. Always a king. 🙌🏽

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You’ve joined the line even when it was around the corner and basically at Home House
To Lambys we must go.

You’ve skipped the line
We’re not proud of it.

You’ve checked yourself out in the weird small room with a mirror before the bathroom
And wow, what a mess you were.

Given the bouncer your bank card to get in
Or your FlyBuys card, or your forklift license… you name it, they’ve seen it.

Fallen up the stairs on the way out
And that is why you’re leaving.

Got kicked out or refused entry
Sometimes it’s just not meant to be.

Tried to smuggle your own drinks in but regretted it instantly because all you want is a Mario Kart
Bless the invention of a flask.

Left Lambs with a regret
We all make mistakes… even ones with nice hair.

Puked on a busboy
Or was that just me?

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