16 binge-worthy podcasts to rip into this year

16 binge-worthy podcasts to rip into this year

Funny Business.

These picks will get you through a long walk, a short commute or anything in between.

It’s a wide world out there when it comes to podcasts: you can pretty much find anything from informative and educational to entertaining to terrifying, but because there’s so many of them that it can be like a needle in a haystack to find one you like.

With the new year well and truly here, and in the hope of saving you the hassle of finding a podcast by trial and error, we have lined up your summer podcast binges thanks to Acast. Whether you are looking for advice on how to upskill for the new year, craving candid conversations with inspirational hustlers or just wanting to tune out and relax, this list has something for everyone.

For those looking to set aside time for interesting conversations

Funny Business
After launching their podcast to inspire their listeners to explore their entrepreneurial passions, Robbie Hicks and Lachlan Bradford capped off 2020 by quitting their day jobs. A recruiter and a productivity coach respectively, Robbie and Lachlan know what it takes to take charge of the professional world. Each week the hosts are joined by inspirational leaders in business and life to talk about how to balance the grind. So far they have featured guests like Lisa Curry, Adriano Zumbo and more.

So I Quit My Day Job
Quitting your day job is a common New Year’s resolution. In her interview podcast Cathrine Mahoney talks to the people who have been in their 9 to 5 work slump and successfully pivoted to explore their passions. After leaving her cushy job as a celebrity publicist, Catherine shares her own journey as an aspirational author.

Lessons Learnt With The Greats
Just in time for the summer of cricket, be balled over by Shane Watson’s new interview series Lessons Learnt With The Greats. In the series Shane sits down with the world’s finest cricketers past and present and covers a whole of topics from technical and mental, to fitness and media. Shane seeks to uncover the crucial lessons iconic players learnt along the way to becoming the most successful athletes on the planet?

If you’re looking for a true-crime fix

The Nurse
The Nurse is the podcast making real world changes. This gripping series details an ongoing investigation into a paediatric nurse in a quiet Tasmanian town, who spent over 20 years working with children. The work by journalist Camille Bianchi to give a platform to childhood assault survivors has prompted the Tasmanian government to launch an State Commission of Inquiry into the historic sexual abuse allegations.

Chasing Charlie
Binge the top true crime podcast of 2020 this summer! In Chasing Charlie private investigator Julia Robson uncovers the unsettling saga of unscrupulous conman, Charlie. Julia embarks on a seven-year mission for the redemption and justice of victims around the globe, who under closer observation aren’t your regular shrinking violets. Chasing Charlie is a true story of crime, dominance and deception with dark sexual undertones.

Beenham Valley Road
This captivating Aussie series is hosted by two ex cops seeking to uncover the mystery surrounding the murder of 27 year old Kirra McLoughlin, from Wolvi, Queensland. In 2014 Kirra died after suffering serious head injuries at her family home on Beenham Valley Road. Featuring interviews with family members and professional services, the podcast unravels the distressing story behind a surprisingly unresolved Aussie mystery. Beenham Valley Road was featured on Australian Story recently, showing the true power of podcasting!

When you want to let the good times flow

Do You F*cking Mind
As a pilates instructor and neuroscience student, Sydneysider Alexis Fernandez knows a thing or two about having the right mindset. In her open and honest series, Alexis gives listeners no bullsh*t mindset hacks to live their most badass life. Talking through all things self growth, self love, relationships and learning to give less of a f**k, Alexis sprinkles her colourful words of wisdom with some neuroscience thrown in for good measure.

Everyone Has An Ex
Join beloved Bachelorette Georgia Love as she peels back the curtain on some of the juiciest and most heartbreaking break ups shared by those who lived them. Across two seasons of goodness Love shares stories of love, heartbreak and everything in between. The result is a selection of real-life stories with storylines of forbidden love and heartbreak via the frontpage of newspapers and more.

Aunty Donna
After making your way through the outlandish and chaotic Netflix special, binge over 200 hilarious episodes of the Aunty Donna Podcast. The entertaining group Aunty Donna exploded onto the Melbourne comedy scene in 2012 thanks to their absurd style of surreal, fast-paced, alternative sketch. The podcast showcases the larrikin nature of hosts Mark, Broden and Zach, resulting in unpredictable moments of comedic gold.

When you’re looking to upskill – minus the bullsh*t

Shares for Beginners
Take the risk out of the share market with the help of this DIY series Shares For Beginners. Host Philip Muscatello is joined by industry experts to answer the age-old question – how do you not lose money on the share market? The perfect dummies guide for share market newbies, the series will help you make informed decisions.

Don’t Stop Us Now
Sydney board directors and leadership and innovation advisors, Claire Hatton and Greta Thomas, are on a mission to help women navigate the unique workforce and leadership challenges. As we spring into 2021, Don’t Stop Us Now! now includes a series of mini-episodes exploring how women can future proof their careers during these trying times.

No Bullsh!t Leadership
Start your professional year kicking goals with this podcast for those wanting to develop their workplace game. In his no bullsh*t series, leadership maverik Martin Moore shares the secrets of high-performance success and career accelerators not taught in business school. Reflecting on his time as a high flying CEO, Martin will transform listeners’ view on what it takes to be a leader in the rapidly changing business world.

And when you just want to keep up to date with the news and views

Are you craving a news deep dive this January? Hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Ruby Jones, the podcast tells the news through in-depth, energetic interviews and sharp analysis, delivered to podcast feeds every weekday morning at 7am. No matter when you choose to listen, 7am keeps its listeners informed and engaged.

The Squiz
If you fancy your news a little lighter, then The Squiz is for you! The Squiz is your shortcut to the news without the spin or confusing jargon. Published each weekday at 6.00am, the daily show blends analysis and hard news with a touch of everyday realness. The best part, every episode is under 10 minutes long, meaning you can get back to enjoying your summer ASAP.

The Helpdesk
In Australia’s first daily tech podcast, The Helpdesk, consumer tech expert and podcaster Peter Wells and co-host Tess Bennett, give listeners a rundown of the latest technology news in the time it takes to get through your morning coffee. While we aren’t all tech heads, The Helpdesk is the perfect self-help tool for those of us who struggle with the influx of stories every day. This series will ensure you stay sharp through the summer by keeping you on top of all the updates in the tech industry.

Afternoon Sport
Nothing sums up January quite like our love affair with sport. In the new Aussie series, Afternoon Sport, hosts Tim Gilbert and Shane Lee give listeners all the sport news they are seeing. Serving up two episodes a day: a quick news flash and a deep dive into the story of the day, Tim and Shane will get you in the mood for January stocked with sporting engagements.

All of these podcasts are available on Acast or wherever you get your podcasts.