13 Useless Facts About Super Mario Bros

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13 Useless Facts About Super Mario Bros

1. In the US, footage of the game first appeared in the movie The Wizard, which was used as an advertisement for the game’s eventual release.
2. The game was released in Japan almost three years before it was released in Australia.
3. The only enemy from the original Super Mario Bros to not appear in this game was Firebar.
4. More than 30 new enemies were debuted in Super Mario Bros 3.
5. It also introduces six new power-ups, the Super Leaf, the Frog Suit, the Tanooki Suit, the P-Wing, Goomba’s Shoe and the Hammer Suit.
6. If a chain chomp is allowed to tug on its chain 49 times, it will actually break free.
7. To turn a Muncher into a block, simply hit it with a Raccoon Mario tail attack.
8. World 4 is actually shaped like a Koopa Troopa.
9. The save feature didn’t exist until it was re-released on the Super Mario All Stars compilation for the SNES.
10. This is more of a glitch than a fact, but if you defeat Bowser with a hammer whilst he’s mid-air, he’ll actually fly off screen and never return.
11. There was a possibility for a PC version of Mario 3 to be released, with a developer creating a demo version. However, Nintendo declined to greenlight the project since they had no desire to release their games on any platform other than their own.
12. The Tower in World 5 is the only stage a player can re-enter after it’s been completed.
13. One of the images on the game’s back cover shows a level that doesn’t exist