10 Years: (How to Live) As Ghosts

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10 Years: (How to Live) As Ghosts

Tennessee natives 10 Years are back with their new album (How to Live) As Ghosts and it is clear from the very first track ‘The Messenger’, that they have brought the same raw energy and attitude they have become known for over the last twenty years.
What is different about this offering as opposed to their previous efforts is the emotional depth that is apparent not only in the overall sound but the lyrics as well, especially evident on songs like ‘Halos’ and ‘Lucky You’. More familiar songs to fans of previous iterations would be ‘Vampires’, ‘Novacaine’ and ‘Insomnia’, offering that punchy, modernistic rock that has become synonymous with 10 Years.
Some would argue that (How to Live) As Ghosts is more of the same from this alt-metal stalwart of yesteryear, however it can be argued that that might not be such a bad thing. The instrument work is tighter than ever and this offering is exactly what it says on the package. If you’re a fan of 10 Years, you won’t be disappointed.
3.5 Stars
Mascot Records
Reviewed by Daniel Jubb