10 Things to Keep in Mind for Golden Plains

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10 Things to Keep in Mind for Golden Plains

Golden Plains is a glorious awakening of the mind, body and spirit. A chance to enlighten your inner music god/goddess. Though really, it’s a chance to camp out, drink up and dance all night. That may seem like a simple thing to plan for, but we’ve pieced together some sound advice from those who regularly visit Aunty M.

1. There’s no glass allowed. You know what that means, any tequila, vodka or other liquid goodies you’re planning on taking along with need to be funnelled into a pouch of sorts. Either that or hit up the tinnies.

2. The early bird gets the worm. When it comes to camping festivals, there’s no rule of who gets what, except if you roll through those gates as soon as they open you’ll be in good stead for the perfect posse. Whether that’s by a nice set of trees in South Pines or closer to the action at Bush Camp, a 4am wakeup may just be the thing to get you there.

3. Eric is your friend. Eric’s Terrace may just make the mightiest espresso martini going around, and if you’re hoping to catch all the action you may want to down a few of these. Though be prepared to say goodbye to a nice chunk of your budget.

CREDIT Emily Kelly

4. That pink stuff near the toilet? Use it! Festivals are a breeding ground for germs and not washing your hands can cause bad side-effects to your stomach – trust us, this has happened at camping festivals before.

5. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. We know, we know. It’s what mum always says, but mother knows best. However, the reason we say it’s the best as it’s a chance to grab yourself a bacon & egg sandwich from the Tucker Tent. The breakfast of Gods. Get one, you won’t regret it.

6. Home is where the heart is. Given you’ll be staying in the same place for several days, and we know you all get a bit homesick, why not bring a bit of home with you? Couches, chairs, blankets and tables are all fair game, and for those feeling crafty, your finest couch creations (big booty bitches is still the favourite) can be taken to the Sup’ for all to enjoy. Though, as it’s a part of your home, be sure to take it back with you when you leave.

7. Giving the shoe. Shoes are good for lots of thing, shooeys, keeping those soft leg-ends safe from harm and looking darn stylish, they’re also a way for you to signal to the crowd that you’re diggin’ what you’re hearing. While we don’t recommend you hold it up to late night lovers, musicians is fare game. Though no one likes a shoe-whore, choose your moment carefully and hold it up proud.

8. Join the family. Golden Plains is one big happy campsite, we’d say it’s almost like a massive family gathering who happen to party hard and have a similar taste in music. As a result, treat everyone like your friendly aunty, or cute cousin (unless you’re feeling a bit frisky, then your cousin’s friend) and share in the joy of the rolling hills of Meredith. There will be lines for food, toilets and showers, but you’ll find they go much quicker with a bit of conversation.

9. Glitter, beads and beauty. At Golden Plains, the dressing up is not so much optional, as strongly encouraged. That means whatever sparkly treat or fancy unitard you can get your hands on, bring it with you. While there’s no prizes for best dressed, you will be bestowed with love and adoration by each passer-by. Remember, this is also GP’s 10th birthday celebration! Dress accordingly.


CREDIT Emily Hirst

10. Get the feels. Or more accurately, let people feel you up and practice their skills. This is coming off wrong… This year the massage tent will also be in attendance, so if you’ve got some aches and pains, this will be your pitstop between sets. No one said going to a festival meant you couldn’t do it comfortably.

Most importantly, Golden Plains is about the experience. So if you’re not heading along, you better find a way to get there. As we’re betting you may just regret it if you don’t.

Images: Emily Hirst

When & Where: Golden Plains, Meredith – March 12-14