10 Things All Geelong Locals Have Experienced

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10 Things All Geelong Locals Have Experienced

There’s a lot of things that you’d understand about your hometown if you grew up in Geelong. Things that some people might question, but barely makes you bat an eyelid. Here’s a list of a few things only Geelong people will know to be true.

1. When it hits 2am and you’re feeling a delicious greasy feast, K Caf is where it’s at. We’ve all had that late night guilty order or we’ve had to be resurrected as we sit beside our serving of chips and gravy after a big night out. Chances are K Caf is where you’ve had both of those moments.

2. You’ve definitely had a serious debate about whether or not the Speaky’s Homeless Guy was a secret millionaire. Your mate swears they know he’s actually super rich and just chooses to be there. You’ve heard your fair share of reasons why.

3. You’re probably at Lamby’s on a Sunday night. The number one spot to go to end your weekend. Also a great way to increase your chances of meeting someone from Geordie Shore.

4. “Do you have a dollar for the bus?” There are some things in life that are guaranteed. Being asked this at the Moorabool St bus stop is one of them.

5. It seems most of your year 12 classmates were promoters for Eureka. Not a week went by where there wasn’t a Facebook post from someone telling you to use their name at the door…at least you could always get cheap entry.

6. You’re guaranteed to get a demo of someone’s sub woofers from the Macca’s car park. Even if you’re half a block away. Didn’t you know, it’s the number one way to hear the latest bangers?!

7. Going to see a giant metal floating tree over Christmas. Courtesy of Darryn Lyons, you now have a new spot to spend your nights leading up to Christmas, watching the light show and betting which one of your friends could get aboard it if they wanted to.

8. You’ve been to at least one birthday party at Rollerway. At least one person went home with a broken or fractured arm, but it was still the best way to celebrate turning 12. Extra points if you’ve been there on a date.

9. You’ve spent many summers jumping off the tower at Eastern Beach. It took a lot of bravery the first time you did it, and many a bikini top has been lost on impact to the water.

10. You know the best place to get food is the hot bread shop on Moorabool St. You’ll find no better place for lunch or a snack with your spare few dollars.

Written by Claire Rosenberg

Main image: Lamby’s Bar & restaurant