10 Signs You Know You’re A Creative Person

10 Signs You Know You’re A Creative Person

Creativity can come in all shapes and forms.

1. Your heart is on your sleeve

Creatives are very open with their emotions, which leaves them susceptible to both serious heartbreak and incredible happiness. Creative people are not afraid of their emotions, no matter if they are negative or positive, they just have to ride it out ’till the next masterpiece.

2. You observe everything. Eve-ry-thing.

The world is a huge stage, and you continually find yourself lost in a daze while people watching.

 3. You risk it

Creative people are by definition exceptionally bold. Your actions are undoubtedly justifiable because they are in balance with everything you believe in. Every time you’re confronted with a challenge, you don’t run away. You run towards it.

4. You chase your dreams and live your passions.

Your drive to perform, imagine and create is unstoppable. Creatives are pretty much content in life when they are making work they are happy with. It doesn’t matter if you win awards or compliments; you’re in it for the satisfaction of doing your own thing, and doing it well.

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5. You are your own worst critic.

You look back on everything you ever made and question yourself, ‘why the hell did I do this?’ You will always be your own worst enemy when it comes to creating, but seriously, you wouldn’t be where you are now without that series of watercolour paintings of kittens you thought was pretty ace when you were 12.

6. You ask lots of questions.

If you didn’t ask lots of questions, you wouldn’t have the drive to create. Curiosity is a major quality in artistic people.

7. You carry a notebook everywhere you go.

Because you are constantly struck with amazing ideas, especially at 3am.

8. You aren’t in it for the money.

Let’s face it, you are probably going to be living off cans of tuna for most of your adult life, but at least you will be satisfied following your passion. It’s not about the cash, it’s about the creativity.

9. You seek inspiration.

Whether it is the opening of an art gallery, a live band, a theatre show or just a ticket to the cinema, you search for inspiration wherever you can find it. Inspiration doesn’t always happen on its own, so you go out and hunt for it.

10. You embrace change.

The same routine can get you stuck in a rut, drying up all of your creative juice. Make sure you switch off that auto-pilot every now and then and change things up.

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