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Hey guys! Welcome to Forte Magazine! Thank you for taking the time to have an 'e-chat' with us.  

Please introduce the band members and give us a brief introduction to each? Feel free to include something we shouldn’t know!

Buddha in a Chocolate Box are a 4-piece band but hot off the press! We are growing to a 5-piece in a new development.

Adrian Calvano – pipes, guitars and keys. The founder of their stomp. His raw unique voice can rally and invoke the punters to drink and stomp. He lives the life of music and all it’s attachments! Matty Pitman – fiddle. The drive and quick draw of his bow has engulfed many pubs of this country. From bluegrass to classical, Matt and his fiddle creates their unique folk sound. Shane Baker – bearded bass. The Grug! His wooly and loose personally adds to the pocket punch of his bass delivery. His beard has been the figment of many a punters imaginations. Gav Kelly – straight from the dens of Aussie rock n’ roll! One hell of a skin slapper who is challenging their bass player for rights of ‘the bearded one’. Grab his hard rock drumming background and sprinkle with some Irish fiddle dust you get the perfect stomp for their sound. The new 5th member currently unannounced! Jase Mulley former Still Trees guitarist has joined Buddha in a chocolate box on their stomping journey! Big news bringing big sound !

You guys are from Hamilton, how is the scene down there for bands? Is it much of a launching pad? What’s the lifestyle like?

Growing up in Hamilton for all of us has been tough musically. Not many of our mates in Hamilton are into music and all our music mates have moved to the big smoke to pursue their music. Saying that, we love Hamilton! It’s quiet, supportive and where we belong. As for launching pads…….we have never looked.

Buddha in a Chocolate Box, it’s a very unique name, do you have a great story behind it?

There is two stories this question. You guys decide.

Story 1 – Cat Stevens has an album called ‘Buddha and the Chocolate Box’. During this moment in Cat’s life he was choosing between finding his religion (Buddha) and the chocolate box (the life of music and all it’s attachments). We simply twisted that around to ‘Buddha in a Chocolate Box’, religion in the music!

Story 2 – Calvano and Baker were playing golf one day as good squires do. On a tricky par 3 a local pub called Calvano and asked, ‘What is the name of your band playing here next week?’ Calvano panicked and looked at his t-shirt which had a picture of Buddha on it. Knowing the pubs charge by the word when advertising in the local rag he fumbled and said ‘Buddha in a Chocolate Box’. End story. Which one you think is true? Bet you it’s not the one your thinking of.

What style would you describe the band as having? Obviously folk is the main influence, the Ukulele appears to be a strong component of your sound?

Well there is no ukulele in our band. Think what your hearing is the drive of Mattys fiddle. Our sound could possibly be called folk rock, but we like to think our genre is Australian Southern Stomp, from ballads to jigs, we love just playing raw tunes.

I’m watching the You tube video for ‘Pizzica Australiana’ and I must admit I couldn’t help but start bopping in my chair, its the sort of stuff they used to dance in the under deck of the Titanic, before it sunk of course – do you get people dancing at live shows?

Pizzica Australiana is a song influenced from Calvano’s visits to his father’s home town Carpineto Romano, Italy. Watching people over there dance in a trance like state to different versions and adaptations of pizzicas and tarentellas he decided to try and but an Australian twist in it. One thing we have been blessed with is having very supportive fans that always bring their stomp to our gigs. especially down at port fairy!

You guys seem to be very Folk based, are the inspirations for your songs usually story concepts?

Thus far 80% of the songs are based on real inspirations that have been triggered through life events. The other 20% are story concepts picked up from a story, sound or a place.

You guys filmed a video shoot in 2011 at the PFFF, one of Forte’s favourite festivals! That looks like alot of fun, how did that come about and how was filming it?

Actually won that through a competition through triple j Unearthed. Our song ‘She feels like home’ debuted at #1 on the Unearthed charts just when they were having a film clip comp. In conjunction with ABC. Filming the clip was heaps of fun. But early starts during Port Fairy Folk Festival are rough! The morning of the shoot we were really dusty and just wanted to find a bed, we recall the directors and crew getting quite cranky with us. We thought the only why to fix this this was to duck into The Oak for a couple of lagers and get back on track. This is the opening scene for the clip.

How does the average BIACB live show unfold, your sound is very encouraging of drinking your Ale or whisky down, I can imagine it would be great fun.

Yeah it’s always great fun. Normally our gigs start off quiet at the start, that’s when we play our ‘listen’ songs. It’s funny sometimes watching crowd get on edge waiting for our stomping numbers to be played. Once we open our stomp up the crowd really gets into. There is nothing better closing every gig with a sweaty, slightly intoxicated, invoked crowd singing one of ours songs!

Tell us about what releases you guys have out to date? Do you have any more in the works?

In 2010 we released the Keep on keepin’ on EP. This year we are releasing the Where I Belong EP and The Clarence Cottage EP, and we can’t wait!

If people want to find out more, where should look?

First of all look in your local pub. If we are not there ask your publican to look us up. We would be grateful for this and if it worked out we would shout ya a beer!

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